Firm Profile

Based in Lebanon, Idea Design Office is a professional firm comprised of a team of architects and interior designers. Founded in 1997 by Architect Mahmoud Ramadan the firm provides full architecture, interior design and supervision services in architecture & interior design. The company's national and international projects are spread out in Lebanon and the Middle East. They include a wide range of urban designs, mountain and beach villas, sports clubs, commercial & office buildings as well as state-of-the-art residences, palaces and government buildings.

The firm has extensive experience in all facets of design, demonstrating competency regardless of the complexities of different climates, geographical locations, social situations and the variety of client expectations with the overriding goal being to provide excellence and timeless design.

From defining the program to forming the space and exploring potential materials, Idea Design Office employs a variety of design tools, from hand-drawing and model- making to computer graphics while the decision-making process reflects a continual exchange with clients, and consultants.

Idea Design Office has evolved over the years to create significant projects. Among these are:

Public buildings:

  • Jeddah courts, Jeddah – KSA
  • Madinah Development Authority offices, Madinah - KSA
  • Ministry of Higher Education, Riyadh – KSA.
  • Office Tower for the Chamber of Commerce & Industry,Quassim – KSA
  • Louis Wegmen Elementary school, Ain Aar – Lebanon.


  • Nidal Plaza, Khafji - KSA
  • West Bay office building, Dubai – UAE
  • Al Turki Plaza, Khubar – KSA.


  • Al Zahra’a mosque, Riyadh – KSA
  • Imm Bandar Bin Sultan mosque, Obhur, Jeddah- KSA

Hotels / Leisure:

  • Al Basra Sports City hotel, Al Basra – Iraq
  • Movenpick hotel night club, Obhur, Beirut – Lebanon
  • 5 Stars hotel Costantine, Tunisia
  • 5 stars hotel Jeddah, KSA
  • Toasted Restaurant, Jeddah – KSA

Residential / Private:

  • Private residence1, Riyadh – KSA
  • Private residence2, Riyadh – KSA
  • Private villa in Suleimaniah, Riyadh / KSA
  • Sea view tower, Bliss str- Beirut / Lebanon
  • Beirut tower / Typical apartment interior design, Solidere central district – Beirut / Lebanon
  • Dhalia 906 , Ashrafieh – Beirut / Lebanon.
  • Marina tower / Private apartment, Beirut central district / Lebanon
  • Clemor building, Clemenceau – Beirut / Lebanon
  • Private villa, Aynab / Lebanon
  • Private villa, Obadieh / Lebanon
  • Private villal, Shemlan / Lebanon
  • Apartment building Wadi Ridan est, Riyadh / KSA
  • Princess private residence, Ubhur / KSA
  • Pearl Island, Qatar
  • Private villa, Mr H. Shawaf, Riyadh / KSA
  • Private villa in Rabwah, Riyadh / KSA
  • Private pent house, Bliss str. Beirut / Lebanon
  • Private apartment, Unesco, Bieurt / Lebanon
  • Private apartment, Verdun, Beirut / Lebanon
  • Kanater bldg, Bliss str. - Beirut / Lebanon.
  • University Tower, John Kenedy str., Beirut / Lebanon.

  • Dunes center, Verdun – Beirut / Lebanon.

Over the years the firm has won several design competitions including:

Hotels / Leisure:

  • Ministry of Higher Education, Riyadh / KSA
  • Princess private residence, Ubhur / KSA
  • Al Madina competition, Madinah KSA
  • Royal commission of Jubail & Yunbu – headquarters, Riyadh – KSAv